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Hello there.... lookin for watch strap?,.. elegant strap? Sometime we think most elegant strap is boring, plain, monochromatic, too common... then you try being a bit more adventurous by trying something wilder.... and end up by realizing that you've gone too far...

Small n elegant watches cannot play with straps.... yes it used to be.... but no more from now :)

Vintejskroko is here to fills the gap, straps that is elegant yet playful, sleek yet has strong presence, understated yet attention catcher...

Vintejskroko or Vintage Croco, an elegant style watchband which has unbelievably rich color effects that is hard to find anywhere, made to order watch strap, fully customizable to your needs. The color & style is almost unlimited, you want particular strap that has beautiful color shade but afraid it won't fit your watch or wrist, or you want strap that fit your particular watch & wrist but can't find the color that you like anywhere, then seek no more... we're here for that purpose.

Now go inside,... find any strap you like,... if you can't find it talk to me, I will help you to make it.

Believe me that in near future many will follow... well,... as usual...

Peter Gunny,
4 - 1 - 14.